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Seven Concours

The Manufactures


Expertise of the manufacturer businesses is showcased in the form of a car launch in the Manufacturer's Area of the automobile event. Automobile manufacturers like Pagani and Ford display cutting-edge designs. Newer models from manufacturing companies are released, adding to the spectacle. While fans showcase their modified rides, automakers are releasing the latest iterations of vehicle body styles, such as the GFG Style Hyper SUV. More than 100,000 people show up to the royal vehicle festival every year to gawk at the latest and greatest in updated historic automobiles. In an effort to attract potential customers, carmakers showcase the exquisite craftsmanship of their most recent models.








JAN 10TH, 2023

Riyadh Car Show 2 Statistics

The Greatest Collection Of Supercars On Earth!


The most influential automotive event in the Middle East

Your all-in experience in the Automotive world witness the latest innovations, experiences, and top-notch products in the AUTOWORLD segment at

the Riyadh Car Show 2023.

The AUTOWORLD segment at the Riyadh Car Show 2023 will be your one-stop shop for the latest innovations and unique experiences in the automotive industry.

Aftermarket manufacturers, customizers, boutique car companies, car care companies and car accessories.

Offering the most sought-after experiences for meeting with top companies in the industry, this segment of the Riyadh Car Show is specifically tailored to local and regional buyers. You'll connect with industry professionals worldwide, who are eager to meet your automotive ambitions.

Collectors of automobiles will enjoy seeing both familiar and exotic models on display. There are more than 200 vehicles up for grabs in the supercar auctions. At the live auction of collectible automobiles, the fun really begins. Exceptional Automobiles, such as Custom- The bidding and sale of automobiles, from the mass-produced 1984 Peterbilt 359 to the rare McLaren P1 XP Carbon Series, is fascinating to observe. Collectors and vehicle enthusiasts from all over the world congregate at these auctions to sell their vintage and contemporary rides. Auto fans may feel the excitement of the real-time auction and engage in fierce bidding battles. Dynamically, the whole thing is pumped up by the live auction of rare automobiles.

This area specializes in providing services for cars and motorcycles, including spare parts, upholstery, polishing, modification and painting on cars and others, under the supervision of local, regional and international companies.

Accessories and Car Modification area


SEVEN Auction

5-Star Overall Experince

Cars Exhibition

Show Experience

Private Lounge

Viewing Track Experience

Visitors Satisfaction


Starting date

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8th Jan 2023


04:00 pm to 01:00 am

Show details

Seven Concours

The greatest car show in the history of the middle east

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The viewing track includes a display for car enthusiasts where exotics, supercars, hypercars, and classics are put on a show to enhance the thrill of the event. Over 300 million USD worth of cars are set to be featured on the viewing track, some of the rarest collectible cars including, the Ferrari 250 GTO, F40, and Lamborghini Diablo. 

The VIP Lounge

This area is reserved for influential people and VIPs only, and includes a luxurious cigar lounge, with a special section for exclusive and unique cars, in addition to an outdoor patio for sessions and restaurants overlooking the track.


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